Who we are

AREXPAN is a lightweight expanded clay aggregate made by Arciresa in northern Spain, we are located in one of the most traditional industrial areas of Spain. Arciresa is a company founded in 1952 that has a vast experience in the calcination and milling of all types of both clays and refractory products.

Our long experience in the field of ceramics, refractories and construction is the best guarantee we can offer to our raw materials, which merge both advanced know-how and respect to our environment by using modern techniques of production.


Our skilled staff is constantly working to provide a product that meets the needs of our customers, which is shown in our motto, "don't ask us what materials we have got, tell us what you look for and we will serve you".

In the other hand, we have a laboratory where tests of quality are performed while new added-value products are also developed. If required, we can also use independent laboratories for testing our products.