producer of expanded clay aggregate

Lightweight Expanded clay aggregate Arexpan«

We are the only producer of expanded clay in Spain since 2008 remaining at all times an independent company not owned by any multinational.

A versatile expanded clay

Thermal and acoustic insulation, lightweight and durable. Use in construction, rehabilitation, refractory, gardening and many other fields of application.

expanded clay decorative

Expanded clay Arexpan Hydro

Our latest development. Our expanded clay specially developed for the field of gardening, agriculture and hydroponics.

Arcillas Refractarias S.A. - ARCIRESA

factory of expanded clay producer

Located in the north of Spain, ARCIRESA produces expanded clay among other products, a product that is highly insulating and lightweight for sale domestically and abroad.

Whether for use in the construction industry, refractory, renewable energy, geotechnical, gardening, water filtration,...the product offers a lot of advantages over previous materials.

Our expanded clay product range

We have a product for every need, different sizes, densities and even color. Ask us what you're looking for.

expanded clay for building and insulation
Arexpan standard in sizes 8-16, 3-10 and 0-4mm.

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